• Name of the Company      : Power Packaging & Printing Limited
  • Location of the Company : Office & Factory: Kamar Para, Turag (Uttara), Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.
  • Brief Description                :

Power Packaging & Printing Ltd. is renowned 100% export oriented Packaging Industries in Bangladesh. Manufacturing of quality cartons & accessories for readymade garments industries and others are going on with good reputation since 2009. The company is playing a vital role in the economy of the country by producing quality garments accessories. Although this is a manufacturing industries but now a days it becomes a servicing sector more than manufacturing.

The company is equipped with completed & balanced machineries along with all auxiliaries and equipments of latest technology with a view to uphold reputation of quality services and competitiveness to the carton markets scenario. The company has a leading quality of goods, commitments for customer satisfaction, financially sound enough and good business reputation in Bangladesh.
Mr. Zahiruddin Md. Babur is the Managing Director of the company and holds this position from the date of incorporation of the companies. He is well experienced and prominent figure in cartons manufacturing business and capable to handle large volume of orders for readymade garments Industries.
Power Packaging & Printing Ltd. is committed to provide wide range of options to fulfill diverse aspiration and choice of the valued customers. The company’s vision is to deliver better services to the customers with maximum satisfaction. Considering global competitive needs and customized production of cartons for the diversified world market, the company’s talent teams always are on search for excellence of the honorable customers. The companies are also added values to the economy of Bangladesh.
Board of Directors : The following 5 (five) persons are the directors of the company:
  1. Engr. Md. Anwar Hossain
  2. Mr. Zahiruddin Md. Babur
  3. Engr. Md. Anwar Hossain
  4. Md. Hasanur Rahman
  5. Mohammed Tariqul Islam
Machinery and Equipments :The industry has been equipped with completed and balanced machineries’ along with all auxiliaries and equipment’s. The machineries for the project imported from the world renowned manufacturer Details of imported machineries are as follows:
  1. Heavy Duty Corrugation “B Flute”                                                      1 SET
  2. Heavy Duty Corrugation “E Flute”                                                      1 SET
  3. Heavy Duty Auto Sheet Cutter                                                           2 SET
  4. Board Cutting Machine (Hand Operated)                                        1 SET
  5. Sheet Pasting Machine (Adjustable)                                                2 SET
  6. Sheet Pressing Machine                                                                    1 SET
  7. Rotary Cutting & Creasing Machine                                                 2 SET
  8. Electric Slotting Machine                                                                    1 SET
  9. Hi Speed Stitching Machine                                                               2 SET
  10. Heavy Duty Die Cutting Machine                                                       2 SET
  11. Heavy Duty Paper Cutting Machine                                                   1 SET

a) The capacity of the industry based on operation in terms of Unit per day are as under :

  1. All types of Master Cartons   : 4,000-6,000 Pcs
  2. Inner Cartons/Boxes              : 20,000-30,000 Pcs
  3. Back Board                               : 30,000-50,000 Pcs
  4. Neck Board                               : 40,000-60,000 Pcs
  5. Tissue Paper (Printing)         : 1,00,000 Pcs
  6. Tissue Paper                            : Unlimited

b) The capacity of the industry  based on operation in terms of KG per day are as under :

  1. LINER PAPER                           : 3000.00 KGS
  2. MEDIUM PAPER                      : 5000.00 KGS
  3. DUPLEX BOARD                     : 3000.00 KGS
  4. TISSUE PAPER                         : 2000.00 KGS
The personnel :The personnel of administrative and technical side are very efficient and hardworking. All the employees in the industry are loyal and committed to produce better quality of cartons. Total manpower segregated as under:

Administrative & Sales

  1. General Manager
  2. Commercial Executive
  3. Marketing Executive
  4. Accounts Manager
  5. Accounts Officer
  6. Driver
  7. Peon
  8. Security Guard

Technical & Production

  1. Production manager
  2. Supervisor
  3. Asst. Supervisor
  4. Printing Master
  5. Machine Operator
  6. Skill Worker


  1. AKH Group                                 :           PVH, Warnaco, C. Vogele
  2. Azim Group                                 :           PVH
  3. Beximco Group                          :           PVH, JC PENNEY
  4. GASL                                            :           KOHL’S, JC PENNEY.
  5. Liberty Fashion Wears Ltd.     :           Carrefour, OBS, WOOLWORTHS, TARGET
  6. Rahamat Group                         :           Carrefour, Tally wood, Gymnasium,Celio
  7. Southern Group                         :           NYGARD, EWM, S-OLIVER
  8. Stylecrafts Ltd                            :           PVH,  Capital Marcary. Marubeni
  9. Sunman Group                           :           PVH
  10. Vertex Group                              :          Carrefour, Primark, Tesco, Itturi, Prima, Tema, Style Cizgi, Lidl, Alexandra. C. Vogele, Dornbousch,
  11. Viyellatex Group                        :           PVH, Hugo Boss, H & C, Olimp
  12. Windy Group                              :           Carrefour
All of our raw materials imported from America, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, China & Thailand. Our raw-materials suppliers are world famous paper manufacturing company. The details imported goods are as follows:

    Item Name                                         Country Of origin

  1. Kraft Liner Paper                         :           South Korea
  2. Virgin Liner Paper                       :           America, Australia, Thailand
  3. Medium Paper                              :           South Korea/Bangladesh
  4. Duplex Board                                :           South Korea, Taiwan
  5. Tissue Paper                                  :           China
  6. Starch                                             :           Thailand
  7. Stitching wire                               :           China

Mercantile Bank Ltd.

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Dhaka-1230, SWIFT : MBLBBDDH A017

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Our business is going on in good faith and without any negligence. We have quality of goods, commitment for better services, financially sound enough and good business reputation all over the country. We have got to deliver on time. We have got to be always amenable, friendly and another one which is not so urgent but which is coming soon. We have got to think of the safety. We have the responsibility to make sure our product safe for the community to use. We have to improve our efficiency when we keep in our mind that our buyers are improving on their business.

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