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The personnel of administrative and technical side are very efficient and hardworking. All the employees in the industry are loyal and committed to produce better quality of cartons & accessories.


All of our raw materials imported from America, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, China & Thailand. Our raw-materials suppliers are world famous paper manufacturing company. The details imported goods are as follows:

Item Name Country of origin
a) Kraft Liner Paper South Korea/Taiwan
b) Virgin Liner Paper America, Australia
c) Medium Paper South Korea/Bangladesh
d) Duplex Board South Korea, Taiwan
e) Tissue Paper China
f) Starch Thailand
g) Stitching wire Chaina


Mercantile Bank Ltd.
Uttara Branch, Sector-09
Uttara, Dhaka.

First Security Islami Bank Ltd.
Uttara Branch, 10,
Garib-e-Nawaz Avenew, Uttara, Dhaka.

Jamuna Bank Ltd.
Kamarpara Branch,
Kamarpara, Turag, Dhaka-1230


♣ Quality Services        ♣ Commitment      ♣ Solvency & Reputation


Our business is going on in good faith and without any negligence. We have quality of goods, commitment for better services, financially sound enough and good business reputation all over the country. We have got to deliver on time. We have got to be always amenable, friendly and another one which is not so urgent but which is coming soon. We have got to think of the safety. We have the responsibility to make sure our product safe for the community to use. We have to improve our efficiency when we keep in our mind that our buyers are improving on their business.

Expert Group

Kamarpara, Vatulia. Turag,
Dhaka1230, Bangladesh.
Phone :01671-343851
Email: info@expertgroup.com



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